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Teri Temme Sunflower 2020
Teri Temme Sunflower 2020

Consulting services regarding personal success in the workplace and the work we do will help you in all areas of your life. We work together on accenting your natural strengths, not fixing weaknesses.  

85% of workers hate their job according to a worldwide Gallup Poll in 2017.

That’s why we do what we do.  In her upcoming book, Don’t Be a Jerk, Like Your Work, by author and consultant, Teri Temme, is about creating jobs people don’t hate.

Proven methods to increase: Engagement, Enjoyment, and Enthusiasm in the workplace. 

5 Benefits:

Increased employee engagement

Enjoyment of one’s job

Enthusiasm to come to work

Lower absenteeism

Efficiency gains leading to increased productivity.

Think About Things Differently

Hourly rates are available.  Discounts for booking multiple sessions.

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“Judgment and harmony cannot exist in the same place.” ~ Panache Desai